Yo, check this shit out.

GG: Looks like some new friends of ours have arrived!

TT: Turn left at the next exit to arrive at the least cool zone on the known Earth: Chumpsville, USA.

GG: We already have the title of Supreme Cool Kids reserved, boys. >:B!!

TT: Pfff.

GG: Oh shush.

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TT: I don’t think my life would be quite as happy as it is now.

GG: Dirk!! >:B

TT: Well, if I didn’t know you I sure as hell wouldn’t know Rox or Jake, now would I? You guys are my best buds.

TT: Even if you all are incompetent and beyond ridiculous.

GG: Oh shush.

Announcing the winners!

(note: this post will be deleted by Thursday.)

Congrats to mimibecchaoticarrowheadenglishallelujah, and zvveilous! I honestly don’t have the time to contact you personally, I’m sorry. Anybody else who entered, thank you, and you all are very wonderful artists, I had a hard time choosing. u 3u;; But while I would love to let you ALL do art for us, I also have to keep the artist count to under 50.;; (Seriously, we got a LOT of fantastic entries. I was amazed.)

However! I do have some names saved on a .txt document of people I might contact later if I need you. I won’t be telling you who that is, because that’s my little secret. ;)

Thank you so much! I’ll contact our new artists tomorrow.

Have a nice night!!

- Soli

GG: Being a chick is awesome. Roxy and Jane are such hot babes, holy shit.

GG: Holy shit what the fuck is going on—

GG: Nope.



GG: What makes you think I /wouldn’t/.

GG: I never want to stop being a woman holy fucking SHIT.

TT: Weeell, let’s see here! I think I can give it a try.

TT: Hmm. I wonder how I should do this.

TT: Maybe if I just—

TT: …!!

TT: …Never mind.

TT & GG: Freak out.

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GG: It was…


GG: I wasn’t happy. I’ll admit that.

GG: It’s not like either of them care, though.

GG: I mean, they’re practically meant for each other!!

GG: Dirk has been crushing on Jake just as long I… had been.

GG: And I blew it with Jake anyways.

GG: They’re already best friends, and I’m just…

GG: …in the way.

TT: Are you serious?

GG: It was nothing, uh, special.

TT: Just, you know. Saving her life and all that.

GG: Yeah. Doesn’t mean anything at all!! Hoo hoo. <:B

TT: …Right.

GG: Ah, yes, we’ve had a few… er, awkward moments.

GG: At least from my point of view. I can’t say it was the same for Dirk.

GG: Strider decided, God only knows why, to ‘put on a show’ for my pleasure.

GG: I honestly didn’t expect what I saw next.

GG: Let’s just say that I, uh. Refrained from ‘bad’ thoughts as best as I possibly could.

GG: It was all very… enlightening… of course.

GG: But my own thoughts weren’t my fault.

GG: I swear.

TT: And then Roxy spilled her drink on the poor guy.

GG: Oh man! Shucks, that sounded like she certainly liked him too.

TT: Well, I’d feel sorry for any dude that tried to date a Lalonde. Those women are scarier than a B-rated horror film.

TT: Like, imagine Saw. That shit isn’t even B-rated, but that is NOTHING in comparison to the Lalonde ladies.

TT: Shit, have you seen RoLal’s mom when she’s pissed?

GG: I’ve heard stories, hoo hoo!

TT: There was this one ti—

TT: —huh?

GG: Dad?


GG: I can’t believe this. Dirk, I am SO sorry…

TT: This is fucking gold, holy shit. This cake is perfect.

GG: You mean…

TT: God tier. Right?

GG: Hoo hoo! :B

GG: Can you guys believe it?

GG: We’re close to almost a thousand followers!!!

GG: Hoo hoo, so I guess that calls for a question I have for all of you:

GG: What’d’ya wanna see for our big thank-you post??

GG: :B

GG: After all, there’s gotta be something we can do for you.

GG: Hoo hoo :B

TT: It was all so very kawaii.

TT: Might I say it?

TT: Just like my animes.